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Property Management

Property Management vs Property Maintenance: What’s The Best Option For You?

A renter’s experience with their landlord or property manager is vital to their satisfaction and determines how long they stay as tenants — one survey showed that over 50% of renters would move out if dissatisfied with their landlord. A major factor in renter satisfaction is the maintenance of the property itself: how often and…

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How to Find Tenants Quickly for Your Rental Properties

One of the most difficult parts about owning a rental property or rental home is finding renters. Often your property will sit unoccupied for months, costing you thousands in expenses and lost income. Here are a few ways to quickly find new tenants for your rental properties. Advertise your property online Most people looking for…

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Self Management vs. Property Management Services

The question of everyone who owns rental properties is: should you as the landlord manage your own property, or hire professional property management services to do it? Landlords recognize the benefits of hiring professionals, but some still choose to do it themselves — why? Here are the benefits of self-management and property management, and how…

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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring a Property Management Company

Owning a property can be a rewarding experience; it can quickly become one of your greatest assets and provide you with a steady income stream. However, owning a property, or several for that matter, can also be stressful, time-consuming, and come with complications.  When you factor in schedules that can include essential elements like full-time…

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FAQ: What Should My Property Rent For?

Harbor Property Management takes rent very seriously. We understand that pricing a rental correctly will attract good, quality tenants. However, we know it can be difficult to decide how much to charge because, let’s face it, our owners want to make the most money as possible. We’re not going to gouge renters. If your property’s…

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Wood Paneling in Your Rental is Not as Ugly as You Think

As a rental property owner, you’re probably looking ahead to 2020 and thinking about making some changes to your property. Perhaps it’s time to give your property’s interiors a face lift. While a good ‘ole coat of paint always looks nice, some owners are revamping their walls with — gasp!— wood paneling. We know know…

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4 Reasons Why Renting Out Your First Home is a Good Idea

It’s common for nervous first-time homeowners to ask themselves if buying a home will be a wise investment. The truth is, if you’re worried about your financial future and fear you may regret buying the property — you may want to consider making your first home an investment property. By leveraging your property to earn…

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Buying an Investment Property? Don’t Let Rental Rates Be a Determining Factor

Here’s the thing about rental rates: Not only do they severely limit your buying options, they can distort a property’s true potential. Taking a holistic view of a potential property is the only way to understand its real value. Here’s why. Factors of a Profitable Rental Rates aside, there are some other important factors that…

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