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Archive for June 2021

Which Home Repairs Are Landlords Not Responsible For?

As we all know, the landlord is the one who has the greatest responsibility for the conditions of the rental property. However, many times tenants forget that they also live there and that certain repairs are their responsibility.  From minor plumbing clogs to any negligence resulting in damage to the property, here are some of…

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How Do You Retain The Ideal Tenant?

Having a good tenant is essential for having a successful rental experience. They also can make the difference between a high and a low-performing investment. However, this is not only about finding the ideal candidate for your property, but in many cases, it depends a lot on how the landlord is doing their search and…

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Crazy Landlord Lessons Learned

Ok, so let’s laugh so we don’t cry. But, everyone who is or has been a landlord has many stories to tell. From broken windows to midnight calls with repetitive questions, there’s not a secret that most landlords have been dealing with a bunch of crazy moments.  One of the most common ones is putting…

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How To Track Rental Property Expenses?

Renting a property usually takes a lot of time and effort. Maintaining constant communication with the tenant, guaranteeing payments on time, and compiling records are just some of the property owner’s tasks. Taking care of these processes can be exhausting for those landlords who want to keep their documents ready and in order. In addition,…

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