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Who Is Harbor Property Management?

We are San Pedro-based property management experts; we pride ourselves on the fact that we live and work in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

What do we do?

We offer a full suite of services for property owners looking to entrust a company for a hands off approach to rental properties and investment properties.

Property Management Services

For owners, our range of property management services in Torrance includes

  • Screening potential tenants
  • Performing service calls
  • Scheduling maintenance
  • Handling the collection of rent payments.

Our proprietary tenant rental systems allows us to monitor ‘potential’ tenants, prepare the properties accordingly for renters, market properties online, and even handle payments and feedback online. We are very experienced in handling all types of rental property issues that might come up.

"Our main goal is to allow you, the property owner, as little involvement as necessary when it comes to collecting rent, tenant issues, service issues, complaints, and anything else."

Meet the Harbor Property Management Team

Meet the team and be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to reach us. We will make you feel like you're the only client we have. You are THAT special to us.

Property Management Fees

With the most competitive fee structure in the management field, your property management services will fit comfortably within your budget. A simple fee structure eliminates the headaches caused by multi-layer fee structures found in most other management companies.

You will find that our professional staff, local expertise, personalized management services, and competitive management fees will far exceed the competition.

  • Proposal for Management
  • Personalized Rent Survey
  • Sample Property Management Agreement
  • County Assessors Property Profile

We also include a sample property management agreement, a personalized rent survey, and a property profile for your property.

Rates are based on a per property basis. There is a minimum fee for each property.

Are There Other Fees Involved?

No hidden charges. No hidden fees.

Our payment structure is market-competitive and is built for transparency by design.

Know how much and when you're paying.

No surprises here!