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Tips for Preventive Home Maintenance

Check out our tips for Preventive Home Maintenance including:

  • Maintenance Tools & Materials
  • Emergency Items
  • Monthly Interior Jobs
  • Annual Interior Chores
  • Heating/Cooling & Hot Water Systems

Video F.A.Q.s

What We Do

Why It Pays To Hires Us

Who Is Scott?

You can know a lot about a man by what drives him. Know what Scott is passionate about and why he is the man you want managing your property.

Meet the Harbor P.M. Team

Come. Meet the team. And be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to reach us. We will make you feel like you're the only client we have. You are THAT special to us.

How Long Have We Been In Business?

For over two decades now, we have been managing properties in our very own neighborhood. That's because, we work where we live. And for that, we absolutely know our market!

How Will I Receive My Funds?

Technology today has provided us with truly viable and convenient options. Transferring funds from your rental property to your bank account has never been this easy.

What Is Your Rental Criteria?

We have the utmost respect for your property. That is why, for your peace of mind, our background checks on all prospective tenants are one of the most thorough in the industry.

Using State of the Art Technology

Track every document, payment and other issues related to your property via your very own OWNER PORTAL. This, and more are some of the reasons why our clients love us.

Real Time Accounting

In your own OWNER PORTAL, you can view which payments from your property are current, and which ones are not. This is one more advantage when you entrust your property with us.

Are There Other Fees Involved?

No hidden charges. No hidden fees. Our payment structure is market-competitive and is built for transparency by design. Know how much and when you're paying. No surprises here!