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Rental Criteria

Rental Criteria

The criteria for renting applies to all online or in office applicants and is as follows:

  1. Inside of unit must be viewed before submitting application, online or in office.
  2. All online application fees paid prior to viewing a vacant unit are nonrefundable.
  3. Every person 18 years or older must fill out an application.
  4. All applications must be completed, dated and signed before we can accept.
  5. We do not accept co-signers on any applications for any properties.
  6. Need valid social security or tax i.d. number to run credit and eviction reports.
  7. A valid, current i.d. must be presented to office before application approval.
  8. Must have attachable and verifiable income.
  9. You must provide 3 most current paychecks.
  10. If self-employed, must provide most current tax return before application approval.
  11. Must not have a history of bad credit.
  12. A credit check will be conducted on all applicants.
  13. Credit score (fico) should be no less than 600 for standard approval.
  14. Applicants with a credit score of 599-540 may be conditionally approved.
  15. If applicant’s credit score is less than 540, the application will not be approved.
  16. Must not have prior evictions, unlawful detainer filed, or violent felonies.
  17. We run eviction, unlawful detainer & criminal background reports on applicants.
  18. Household monthly income must be 2.5 times or greater of one month’s rent.
  19. There is a $33.00 nonrefundable application processing fee for each applicant.
  20. Applications will not be accepted until the fee is received.
  21. Pay application payments in cash, money order, cashier check or online payments.
  22. Only some of our properties accept pets and/or allow smoking. Ask before applying.
  23. All of our properties welcome documented service animals.
  24. Section 8 is only accepted at some of our properties. Ask before you apply.
  25. We can accept Section 8 vouchers for the correct city/county. Must cover full rent.
  26. Occupancy guidelines set by fair housing will be followed.
  27. No more than 2 per bedroom plus 1 additional occupant shall occupy any residence.