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Which Home Repairs Are Landlords Not Responsible For?

As we all know, the landlord is the one who has the greatest responsibility for the conditions of the rental property. However, many times tenants forget that they also live there and that certain repairs are their responsibility. 

From minor plumbing clogs to any negligence resulting in damage to the property, here are some of the little things a tenant has to take care of: replacing light bulbs, batteries, and HVAC filters—also,  broken appliances, drywall holes, and damages caused by their pets. However, the most important responsibility as a tenant is to timely report any maintenance issues.

What Would Tenant Damage That A Landlord Would Legally Have To Repair? 

On the other hand, the mission of a landlord is to make his tenant feel as comfortable and safe as possible by providing a “habitable space.” As a landlord, the most important thing is to ensure the property’s structural integrity and make sure there are no major cracks, broken stuff, or any other damage that would create an unsafe and uninhabitable living condition for the tenant. 

Among the repairs that the landlord has to assume are pest infestation (unless it’s a direct result of tenant negligence), changing locks (only if the tenant is not at fault), plumbing issues, electrical issues, heating repairs, or even visible mold.

3 Things  A Landlord Can Do To Determine Reasonable Charges For Tenant Damages

  • Inspect the unit before the tenants move in

Consider making a checklist that the unit and fixtures were in good condition so that you can document the condition of the rental property when a tenant moves in.

  • Give an Itemized List of the Damage

You must provide the tenant with a detailed list of all damage and the cost of each repair when taking deductions from the tenant’s security deposit.

  • Provide Copies of Receipts

You must make sure they receive a copy of the repair receipt so that you both can be on the same page.

Let A Property Management Company Take Care Of Your Property 

So, suppose you are looking for a solution to bring better order and clarity about the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. In that case, the best solution is to hire a trustworthy property management company that can appropriately handle your rent. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists at Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, to learn more about our property management services.