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4 Ways To Market Vacant Properties

Are you looking to rent your vacant property in Rancho Palos Verde, CA? Learn four ways that will help you market your vacant property effectively. You can do it independently or by hiring a property management company in Rancho Palos Verde, CA. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of earning extra income. Let’s begin!

#1 Be Honest 

Potential tenants will see your property in person and will determine if what they’re looking at matches the expectations you provided online. If it doesn’t, you’ll earn a bad reputation for wasting their time and yours. 

So, it’s a good idea to promote honesty and let tenants know if your property has any imperfections. Take as many pictures as possible. If you’re struggling to find the time, or don’t know how to advertise your property, a property management company in Rancho Palos Verde, CA, can help you. 

#2 Use Audiovisual Tools

It’s best if you create a video walkthrough that lasts no longer than five minutes. Take the video as an opportunity to explain everything about your house, the dimensions, any restrictions, etc. It will help you become more engaged with potential tenants and filter others. If it’s too long, it’ll make your video unattractive.  

#3 Provide Factual Information

Don’t use subjective words. Instead, provide clear information. Unlike buyers that look for glamour and prestige, renters look for clean, clean, have basic amenities, and are affordable to live in. Again, property management companies like Harbor Property Management can assist you in the process of marketing your vacant property.

#4 Hire Harbor Property Management To Advertise Your Vacancies

Harbor Property Management is a property management company in Rancho Palos Verde, CA that offers you:

  •  Broad advertising exposure for your vacancies. We strive to fill all vacancies with a qualified tenant in 10 days.
  • Overall owner protection. 
  • Full online accounting for your property. You’ll see any statement 24 hours a day through our online owners portal. Plus, most of our tenants make rent payments online through the Harbor Property Management tenant portal. This increases rent collection and reduces delinquent rent payments.

We offer all of the above just for a low monthly fee! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to provide a free management quote.