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3 Main Reasons Why Owners Fire Property Managers

Are you looking for a property management company in Torrance, CA? That’s a fantastic idea; it’ll save you so much trouble. But before you contact any, be aware of the following reasons why owners fire property managers and avoid wasting your money. This article will show the three main ones. Continue reading!

#1 Maintenance Issues And Property Damage

When the property management company fails to deliver maintenance services, tenants get upset and leave your property, causing you to lose income. It’s best to look for a property management company in Torrance, CA, that’s super responsive and is there when your tenants need them the most.

Also, make sure the property management company is licensed and insured because if they don’t, they’re probably scamming you and failing to oversee your property. If they are not involved in your property, you risk paying costly repairs caused by a destructive tenant. 

#2 Poor Communication 

As a property owner, you want to communicate with the property management company as possible. You want to make sure that everything’s going according to your plans, and there’s nothing wrong going on. 

It’s best to hire a company that allows you to overview your property and respond fast to tenants and you. For example, at Harbor Property Management, we offer our clients the possibility to view any statement 24 hours a day through our online owner portal.

#3 Vacant Properties

Most property owners expect more than just the maintenance of their property and keep them rented. Many property companies are not up to the challenge. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a property management company in Terrace, CA, that has a good reputation and marketing team to give your property the publicity it deserves. 

Harbor Property Management Is The Company You’ll Keep For Decades!

As a property management company in Terrace, CA, we offer you much more than what you can expect! We offer to:

  • Show your vacant property
  • Perform routine inspections.
  • Deliver financial statements (also viewable online) that include tracking of income and expenses for your property. 
  • We also offer maintenance and around-the-clock 24/7 emergency repairs.

Harbor Property Management is a company you can trust. Call us now to get a free management quote.