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All There’s To Know About Pet Screening

Not a fan of having pets in your property that’s for rent in Torrance, CA? Don’t miss out on the opportunity of having an extra income by hiring a service of pet screening in rental properties. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll tell you all about it. Spoiler alert: your property needs it. Let’s begin.

What Is It?

A pet screening in rental properties is a process conducted by third-party services such as Harbor Property Management. It gives you a background check and insight into the tenant’s pet’s behavior, personality, and health as a property owner. 

What To Expect

The pet screening process is the following: 

  • In Torrance, CA, a property management company will have an in-person meeting with the tenants and their pets. There, the property management company goes through commands with the pet to give them an idea of how it reacts to orders from other people in the building. 
  • Then, the pet walks around the property to see if it turns leash-aggressive or not. This gives the company an idea of how the pet reacts during multiple scenarios, such as running into other animals and kids. 

Why Does My Property Need It?

There are several reasons why you need pet screening for rental properties. We have listed a few: 

  • You could be responsible if your tenant’s pet attacks someone else in the building. Having a property management company in Torrance, CA, screening pets prevents you from dealing with potential lawsuits. 
  • By screening pets, you’re making sure no pests or diseases are entering your property and investment. By hiring companies like Harbor Property Management, you’re protecting your property, but also everyone in the building.

Harbor Property Management Takes Care Of Your Property Like No One Else Does!

We do pet screening in rental properties to ensure that you’re investment is safe and hassle-free. Besides, we help resolve tenant disputes, nonpayments, conflicts, and property-related concerns, all for a low monthly fee! We don’t have any hidden costs or extra fees. We are the property management company you can trust. Contact us for a free quote.