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How to Find Tenants Quickly for Your South Bay Rental Properties

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One of the most difficult parts about owning a rental property or rental home is finding tenants. Often your property will sit unoccupied for months, costing you thousands in expenses and lost income. Here are a few ways to quickly find new tenants for your rental properties from Harbor Property Management, the best property management company in the South Bay area.

Advertise your property online

Most people looking for a place to live will be looking online, so advertise your property online as well — not just through rental property sites, but on Facebook groups and social media as well.

A good online ad should have:

  • Quality photos, professional if possible, that show the property fully. The property should be well-lit and staged.
  • Detailed listings. Including all the details of the property in the listing makes it more likely that someone will reach out with interest, without having to ask questions. You’ll also weed out the wrong tenants quickly.
  • Emphasize the benefits. If your property includes a parking space, is furnished, allows pets, etc., make sure to say so. This will attract more tenants.

Improve your property’s benefits

Improving your property and what it offers can also attract tenants quickly. Not all improvements have to be expensive. Some improvements you could make are:

  • Make it pet-friendly. Many people have cats or dogs and are looking for a welcoming rental home.
  • Lower the price. If you really need a tenant quickly, this is a good option to compete with surrounding properties.
  • Furnish your property. Many tenants are looking for a furnished rental and can move in more quickly if a place has furniture.
  • Update the appliances, especially the refrigerator. This is very appealing to many tenants.

Hire a property management company

Property management companies don’t just manage payment and repairs for current tenants — they help you find new tenants as well. Property managers do the work for you of marketing your property, and they know the market well, so finding new renters is that much easier for them. And once they find potential tenants, they also screen them for you, to find the best tenant for your property.

Harbor Property Management Finds You Tenants

Let the best property management company lift the heavy weight for you. Find new tenants quickly with Harbor Property Management. Our professional and friendly team has rented and managed properties for many landlords successfully, and we can find the right renters for you. Harbor Property Management is the best company to work with in the South Bay area, Long Island and San Pedro.