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What Can Property Management Companies in San Pedro Do for Me?

Commercial Properties in San Pedro and the South Bay are usually run by two kinds of people. The first, is the owner of the establishment. He takes charge of running the day to day operations of his property. But if and when he decides to hand over these daily activities, that’s when a property management company comes in. Knowing the primary functions and responsibilities of property managers is essential to making the right choice when looking for property management companies in South Bay.

Here are some important things to know:


One of the key elements of a commercial property management company, such as HARBOR Property Management is that they are in-charge of the RENT. This means they are responsible for every facet of any and all financial transactions between the owner and the tenant. This includes (but not limited to) rates, collecting, settling and other related fees (which is pre-agreed with the establishment’s owner). Please note that a good property manager will be very familiar with all state and/or municipal laws governing these transactions which includes corresponding taxes. He/she is also well apprised with the property’s monthly expenses and properly allocates its budget.


Not only do San Pedro property management companies supervise the estate’s personnel; they also handle all tenants who occupy the establishment. They screen potential tenants, handle the terms of their lease, and address problems and issues related to the property. They are also responsible for tenant turnover as well as evictions.

Moreover, they make sure that the people they hire are highly qualified to maintain and secure the premises for all tenants.


When it comes to dealing with the owners, personnel, fellow tenants and the property managers, proper communication is key. It is utterly crucial that property management companies are capable of relaying vital information to and from any of the parties with absolute clarity. Furthermore they must dutifully confer with all concerned if and when an issue needs settling. Transparency in dealing with everyone is a testament to a property management’s ability to inform everybody involved about the establishment’s goings-on.

Knowing this basic information, property owners in South Bay and San Pedro now have the ability to discern who or which property management company is capable of handling their commercial real estate.