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Harbor City Property Management

Harbor City Property Management – Trusted South Bay Experience

Earning a profit on your property is of top priority.  In today’s fledgling economy, it is a wiser investment to secure a renter to pay your mortgage payment than it is to sell your property below it’s mortgage value.

With a Harbor City management company that has been in the South Bay area since 1994 – and understands the area – your investment is secure and sound.

Harbor City Property Management Services That Reduce Stress

Making a profit from your real estate investment with as little stress as possible is why your here.  With knowledge of the local market, real estate laws, an expansive network and discounted rates on advertisement and maintenance repairs – all the stress is off your shoulders and on our Harbor City property management team.  It’s also available to you at far cheaper costs and your property is able to be filled quickly while being exposed nationwide.

Included Harbor City property management services:

  • Rent collection – With the convenience of allowing your tenants to pay online
  • Around-the-clock emergency maintenance & repairs
  • Thorough knowledge of local, state, and federal laws.
  • Screening of tenants for employment verification, credit history, rental history, past evictions,  and criminal background.
  • Showings of your vacant property
  • Periodic inspections
  • Financial statements that are also viewable online.
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Once you sum up the greater rent commanded with your Harbor City property management services, the discounted rates on repairs and advertising – you’ll see that you can make a higher profit than if you had managed your property yourself.

Earn a Greater Proft with Highly Competitive Harbor City Property Management Fees

Competitive rates mean a higher profit.  You’ll never experience unexpected costs or overhead fees.

View your competitve Harbor City property management rates.

Keep Your Harbor City Property Management Services Personal

Providing you with our undivided attention to meet your needs can only be accomplished with a manageable client base.  Because here, we don’t believe that too much of a goodthing is always the best thing.  Here, the Harbor City property management customer base never gets out of hand.  Your calls are answered directly.  Our client base is kept strong by addressing your issues and meeting your needs.

The Harbor City Property Management Mission

Staying in tune with client issues and needs assures that you remain satisifed.  Our mission statement & philosophy and  is how we  keep our company strong.   Communication is the strong point to our Harbor City property management success.  Staying abreast with client needs and issues is what guarantees that you will remain continually satisfied.

Harbor City Property Management Mission Statement

“A profitable partnership based on honesty, integrity, and communication.” In essence, we are partners with our clients and therefore your success is our measurement for success.

Learn about the expertise behind our Harbor City property management team.

Find Out What Satisfied Harbor City Property Management Clients Have to Say

We take word-of-mouth advertising seriously.  We know that a satisifed client is our best advertising tool.  Delighted clients and an immaculate clinet portfolio keep our business strong.

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You’ll get national exposure on your property to potential renters that shows the special perks of the Harbor City area that include:

  • Ken Malloy Memorial Park, also known as “Parque de los Patos” or “the Duck Park.
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Center