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Carson Property Management

Carson Property Management – South Bay Experience You Can Trust

With Carson property management experience since 1994, your investment remains secure.  Selling your property in today’s market could amount to a huge loss with many property values coming in below the mortgage owed.  Today, renting your property and securing rent is becoming the wisest choice to protect your investment.

Protect your investment with a Carson property management company that has been in the South Bay area since 1994.

Enjoy Stress Free Carson Property Management Services

Team up with a  Carson property management team that receives discounted rates on the nation-wide advertisement of your property, has a large network and understands the areas rental market.   Your vacant property is exposed nationwide and gets filled quickly.

Carson property management services:

  • Rent collection with the option for renters to pay conveniently online
  • Around-the-clock emergency repairs
  • Knowledge and enforcement of  federal, state, and local laws, keeping your investment safe.
  • Screening of tenants for past evictions, employment verification, credit history, criminal background, rental history and.
  • Showing of vacancies
  • Routine inspections
  • Financial statements that can be viewed online tracking income and expenses for your property.
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When you calculate the higher rent your property management team can demand – you’ll see that your Carson property management service pays for itself.  You’ll save even more money through the discounted rates we get on repairs and advertising.  You’ll make a greater profit  through our Carson property management services than if you attempt to manage the property yourself.

Earn Higher Profit with Competitive Rates

Your Carson property management fees are kept low giving you the highest profit margin on your investment.  You’ll never get hit with unexpected costs or overhead fees.

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Superior Property Management Services

Too often companies with too many clients fail to focus on their client’s individual needs.  Here, phone calls are answered directly as the Carson property management client base is kept manageable.  Guaranteeing our undivided attention and meeting your needs to assure that you remain satisfied.

The Carson Property Management Mission

Our mission statement and philosophy is the thread that keeps our company strong.  Communication is the key to our Carson property management success. You’ll remain continually satisfied as your needs and issues are addressed and met.

Carson Property Management Mission Statement

“A profitable partnership based on honesty, integrity, and communication.” In essence, we are partners with our clients and therefore your success is our measurement for success.

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Hear What Satisfied Clients Are Saying

We take word-of-mouth advertising seriously.  a completely satisfied client is our best salesforce.  A satisfied client and a strong client portfolio promises a solid business.

Hear what satisfied Carson property management clients are saying.

We’ll generate a nation-wide appeal to potential renters that showcases the unique features of the Carson area including:

  • A boxing center
  • A state-of-the art sports complex
  • 3 swimming pools
  • More than 120 acres of park land divided into 12 parks and 2 mini-parks
  •  The Carson Community Center
  • Unparalleled access to transportation and the Pacific Rim
  • Educational needs served by Los Angeles Unified School District
  • 47 church organizations